Tuesday, 4 October 2016

20 facts about me!

Day 2 of the blogging challenge commences! This is a little bit of a 'get to know me' type of post! Let's have a look at some the things you perhaps don't know about me! If you're into the embarrassing stories stuff, then I reckon you should read to the very end. I make horrible mistakes sometimes haha.

1 - I'm 21 in February and I want to revert to childhood ASAP, send help!

2 - I have Aspergers Syndrome! I used to be embarrassed about people knowing this, but I'm so proud of it now. It makes me this weird little human and I'm completely okay with it :)

3 - I have this weird fear of bars of soap, don't ask. I'm still not sure why.

4 - I've changed my hair colour too many times, but I always go back to purple. I love it a lot!

5 - I'm really not a dog person. In fact, I'm not an animal person at all, I'm sorry. I wish I was.

6 - I like my nose, it's one of my favourite features of myself.

7 - I have a scar under my right eye. The reason behind it will be a mystery until I decide to reveal it muahaha!

8 - I want to travel so much, but it scares me a little. One day, though, one day.

9 - I'm currently studying a psychology degree with The Open University, and I'm extremely proud of myself for it because I never thought I'd be doing this.

10 - I love to draw, and while I've never been very good at it, I tried to teach myself. This is what happened, and I'm pretty impressed with myself.

11 - My favourite movie is Girl Interrupted. I've loved this movie for so long and it'll always be something I re-watch and never get bored of!

12 - I love to see people happy and laughing. It's one of my favourite things ever, especially when it's my family!

13 - My favourite books as a child was literally anything by Jacqueline Wilson. She's great, and influenced my obsession with reading!

14 - Demi Lovato is my idol, and I also love Ron Pope. I met him at the beginning of this year and it was one the most surreal nights of my life. (I was nervous/excited so I look hideous haha)

15 - I watch a lot of YouTube, like a lot! So, when I bought tickets to see Louise Live I was freaking out. The family made a mini-holiday out of it and we went over to Edinburgh. Agh, it was just the most amazing weekend I've ever had. Loved, loved, loved. Want to go back and do it all over again.

16 - I have 4 piercings and 1 tattoo. I can guarantee there will be more of both haha. (Update: it's 4 months later, and I now have 7 piercings, oops)

17 - I'm currently writing a novel, but the progression is going overwhelmingly slow. I'll get there eventually though!

18 - To all the UK people who know what I'm talking about, Casualty has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and I'm not mad about it.

19 - My favourite book is Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Woah, that book.

20 - Let's end on something embarrassing because, well, that's just me haha! So, when I started university I joined Unidays (a student discount app), and while I was setting it up I changed my profile picture to that hideous thing you can see below... Turns out, once it's there... it's there forever. All I can say is, I'm glad it gives staff in stores a good laugh at my expense. *cringing so bad*

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know me a little better! I'd love to get to know anyone that's a part of the DBB gang! Leave a comment telling me something about yourself!

See you tomorrow! (Still impressed with myself haha)

Love, Laura xx



  1. I love you shared all these facts about yourself, it's so fun to get to know you. By the way number 20 made me LOL! :-)

    1. Oh gosh, it's so embarrassing haha! I'll just casually use the 'oh it was my friends that did this' excuse... But really, it was just me trying to be funny haha